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Paris Rhône Shopping List Guide in October 2022 - Latest Promo Codes and Deals

Paris Rhône Shopping List Guide in October 2022 - Latest Promo Codes and Deals

October isn’t known for sales and deals. Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales are still yet to come. To save your time and money, we have created a shopping list for savvy shoppers like you with the top pick electric appliances on Paris Rhône in October. Make sure you check out our shopping list and there will be a promotional code for you at the end of this article:

4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier (AH001)

Many people experience itchy dry skin, dry nose and eyes in Fall and Winter, a humidifier is all you need to soothingly relieve from dry air. Paris Rhône humidifier AH001 is the best value for money option for medium-sized rooms, like bedrooms, offices and nurseries. 

Large & Quiet: This cool mist humidifier utilizes ultrasonic to spread moisture, ensuring an ultra-quiet operation without worrying about being disturbed while working, studying or sleeping. This humidifier model equips with a 4L water tank lasting up to 30 hours with one water refill and a LED screen displaying real-time room humidity. 

Customize for your bedtime: With this smart humidifier, you can customize your preferred humidity with the preset temperature to create a refreshing and pleasant indoor climate. Designed for sweet dreams, this humidifier comes with a gentle night light which will be a good company for your rejuvenating night’s rest, and only the sleep icon remaining on under sleep mode. 

Safe & Easy to use: The most desirable feature is its auto-off feature because you can set this humidifier to run for up to 24 hours and this will automatically shut off when the time is up or running out of water. For maintenance, it is easy to clean and a warranty makes sure your device work perfectly for 12 months. 

Get a cool mist humidifier with 15% off to improve air quality, enhance sleep and hydrate skin now!

Portable Space Heater (HE018)

With the temperature starts dropping, you may need to prepare for Winter with a space heater.

3 Modes for your need: HE018 is a powerful and reliable electric space heater with three modes that meets your need. Thanks to ceramic heating technology, Paris Rhône space heater HE018 provides immediate heat in 2 seconds on the Max mode (1500W), warming up your entire room up to 270 square feet quickly with 70°wide oscillations. Additionally, adaptive ECO mode is energy-efficient, adjusting temperature to save your bills.

Safe and Reliable: Your family can count on this space heater due to its professional-level safety and convenience. Constructed with V0 flame retardant material, this space heater comes with overheat and tip-over protection. This space heater comes with a remote control, a large LED display, a 12-hour timer, and 50-95°F digital thermostat.

Amazed by this ceramic heater? Shop now with 15% off to warm up your living room this Winter.

1080P Baby Monitor (IH004)

Video baby monitor keeps parents on track of their babies’ activities. Paris Rhône baby monitor IH004 is an upgraded vision of IH003. Check out its fantastic features!

Better Performance: Compared to IH003, the parent unit of IH004 is capable to connect up to 4 cameras and set auto switches between each camera’s monitor on the full screen. The split screen allows you to watch 2 babies at the same time. This model is upgraded into a 5.5’’ screen with 1080p clarity to show clearer video quality.

Sleep tracking & Secure Connection: Along with a pan-tilt-zoom camera performing powerful night vision, this baby monitor features a sound-activated mode and a real-time temperature sensor. This is perfect for baby sleep tracking and helps alert parents when the baby cries or room temperature is out of its preset range. A secure connection is supported through FHSS data transmission which is stable to use in 1,000 feet coverage. 

Keep your baby safe and sound with our new baby monitor IH004!

Portable Outdoor HD Projector (SP001)

Paris Rhône portable outdoor projector is a bargain option for you, compared to our recent launch: 4K laser TV projector.

Immersive Experience: This Native 1080p outdoor projector is small and light. It offers a clear display of 50’’-220’’ and a pair of built-in stereo speakers, creating an excellent viewing experience for both indoor and outdoor. 

Smooth & Suitable for all devices: The latest 5G WiFi connection facilitates smoother online video streaming and it also supports plenty of mobile devices PC PS3/4, USB disk, smartphones and DVD players. Although Netflix, Amazon prime video, Hulu is not compatible with screen mirroring mode, you can connect to a Laptop with HDMI or a TV stick for these video streaming sites.

With a two-year warranty, you are worry-free to enjoy this home theater projector priced at $190.


Ready to fill your shopping cart? Don’t forget to use your 20% off promo code for your purchase: NEW20. It is available to use on all products on this site excluding the latest 4k laser TV projector.

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