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Don't Worry About Getting Hacked With the Paris Rhône Baby Monitor

Don't Worry About Getting Hacked With the Paris Rhône Baby Monitor

Parents are always overprotective of their infants, and that is why they put extra thought and research into everything they buy for them. Nowadays, a baby monitor has become a necessity for every household with a baby, since it allows parents to go about their daily routine while also monitoring the baby’s sleep and activity. However, some parents can be paranoid about the monitor getting hacked, and its camera being accessed by someone else, which is why they’re hesitant in buying it.

As a parent, the best way to ease your nerves is to invest in a video baby monitor that offers complete peace of mind, along with stellar security features; in this regard, only one name comes to mind: Paris Rhône. Read on and learn what technologies are the best in video baby monitors.

Why Do People Hack Baby Monitors?

There are many reasons for hacking baby monitors; some might do it for fun, while others may have more nefarious and immoral motives. Here are some reasons why people hack baby monitors.

Voyeurs: Many hackers are involved in voyeurism, meaning that they like to peer into people’s personal space and see everything they do all day. Some are even interested in watching people sleep, and although this may be harmless, it can be quite unsettling if you know you are being watched all the time.

Pranksters: Unfortunately, the thin line between pranks and invasion of privacy has been blurred out completely, and people no longer have regard for another person’s dignity or personal space. Some parents have reported that the parent unit of their baby monitor starts making weird noises at night, tricking them into believing something is wrong with the baby. These pranksters hack into the monitor and use its microphone and speaker to trouble parents. 

Plus, some sick-minded hackers control the camera and microphone and try to talk inappropriately to the children, which is highly dangerous on so many levels.

Criminals: Hacking a video baby monitor is the best way for criminals to find out what valuables you may have in your home, or at what time the house will be empty. For instance, you and your spouse are discussing what time you should leave for the wedding tonight, and the people listening through the baby monitor immediately plan to break in and steal everything.

Blackmail: Cybercriminals are often involved in blackmailing and extorting money, and they can use baby monitors to record people getting intimate or capture their photos while they are undressing. This is a serious cause of concern that discourages many parents from getting a baby monitor.  

Which Types of Baby Monitors Can’t Be Hacked?

It can be quite unnerving to think that your baby isn’t safe in their room, even when you are just down the hallway. Due to this reason, many parents have stopped buying baby monitors for their children, and they resort to checking up on their babies after short intervals. Alternatively, many parents are doing away with the idea of having a separate room for the baby.

Basically, there are three different types of baby monitors that you can find in the market: WiFi monitors, analog monitors, and digital monitors.

WiFi Monitors

Most modern baby monitors use WiFi to transmit the signal between the baby monitor and its parent unit, which are connected to your home network. This means a hacking expert won’t have difficulty in penetrating the network and gaining access to your baby monitor. The latest monitors also come with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which allows you to see the feed from the monitor on your smartphone. They can be even more vulnerable to breaches, and hackers can easily control the camera and microphone.

Analog Monitors 

Analog or radio monitors are relatively more difficult to hack since they operate on a short or medium-range frequency, which requires the hacker to be within range and also know the exact frequency to tap into. You can safely assume no hacker will go through this much trouble, unless they have a vendetta against you. However, it isn’t entirely impossible.

Digital Monitors

As compared to the ones mentioned above, digital monitors are much more secure and difficult to hack. They make use of frequency encryption, so the audio and video signals are masked when transmitted wirelessly. The technology used to change the frequency is known as Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), and it makes digital monitors relatively impenetrable.

How to Tell If Your Baby Monitor is Hacked?

There are two ways to know if your baby monitor is hacked.

Camera Movement

If you notice unusual movements or rotation of wall mounting cameras like the Nanit Pro, there is a cause for concern, because your camera might be hacked. It is one of the biggest signs to learn that your baby monitor is being controlled by someone else. Many people ignore the camera movement and think that it may be due to a glitch, but it is a clear indication of hacking.

Change in Login Credentials

If you suddenly find that you can’t access the dashboard of your baby monitor, or it says that the username and password you are trying to enter are incorrect, chances are that your video baby monitor has been hacked, and the hacker has also blocked your access by changing the password.

Most Secure Baby Monitors: Paris Rhône Baby Monitor

Protected by FHSS Wireless Technology: Thanks to the highly efficient FHSS wireless protocol, you don’t have to worry about your Paris Rhône Baby Monitor getting hacked or its camera being controlled by any third party or stranger.

Clear Night Vision Sound and Image: The Paris Rhône Baby Monitor offers clear sleep-tracking vision even in night light and allows you to adjust the noise level and background noise as per your needs. It also offers a temperature monitoring option, enabling you to check the room temperature from time to time.

1080P FHD Resolution: It offers a broad, clear, and smooth picture with 1080p HD, giving you an enhanced image of your room day and night. 

Remote pan 340°and tilt 100°: Paris Rhône offers remote panning, making it easy to get perfect coverage of your room. The wide-angle lens also provide a broader view of the room and sleep tracking for babies.

Zoom Camera in 2X/4X: it doesn't matter how big your room is; you can zoom in and out anytime to get a detailed view of your baby’s room.

Stable wireless range covers up to 1,000 feet: The Paris Rhône Baby Monitor comes with a stable wireless feature that allows you to get an image even from a distance of 1,000 feet.


Baby monitors getting hacked is a reality, and several people have suffered or gotten disturbed due to it. Realistically, no baby monitor is 100% hack-proof or secure. However, Paris Rhône goes a long way toward ensuring that parents and their babies are safe from strangers, intruders, and people with malicious intent. 

Do you want a safe and secure baby monitor with good battery life? Get a Paris Rhône video baby monitor now and lead a safe and wonderful life with your family without any fear.

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