Paris Rhône SP005 True 4K Ultra HD Projector, 600 ANSI Lumens, 12w*2 3D Soundscape, Curtain Bundle

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  • True 4K UHD with Native 3840*2160 Resolution, HDR 10+ and Up to 600 ANSI Lumens
  • 60”‑150” Ultra‑Large screen with Innovative Blue Light Reduction Technology
  • Auto Focus, Auto Keystone Correction, Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance and Intelligent Screen Alignment
  • 24W (2x12) Powerful Dual Speaker That Support Finely Tuned 3D Soundscape
  • Over 40000 Hrs Lamp Life, Android TV and Sleek & Premium Design
Size: SP005 Projector+ HP006 curtain(100 inch)
True 4K UHD Resolution
With HDR 10+ support and up to 600 ultra bright ANSI lumens, its unprecedented 3840 x 2160 high resolution - which offers 4 times more pixels than most 1080P screens - our 4K projector brings your content to life. Featuring vibrant colors with stunning crystal-clear clarity, with each film or TV show you will step into another world!
Max 150” Ultra-Large Display
Prepare for the ultimate cinematic immersion experience with our 4K projector featuring a massive 150" screen. Protect your eyes when watching for hours with innovative blue light reduction technology. The 1.37:1 throw rate ensures an effortless setup and flexibility no matter your space.
Real High-Fidelity Surround Sound
Our cutting-edge projector delivers immersive 3D sound. Enjoy every detail with lossless decoding, bringing your content to life with movie theater audio quality. Plus, the high-power dual 12W speakers provide a deep, rich sound that makes your audio feel immersive, vibrant and dynamic.
Intelligent Screen Adaption Technology
Paris Rhône 4K projectors feature automatic focus, ±40 degrees keystone correction, and obstacle avoidance for a seamless viewing experience without manual adjustments. With automatic focus, you can enjoy clear and sharp images without tricky manual adjustments. Keystone correction automatically adjusts the image shape, while obstacle avoidance detects and avoids obstacles automatically.
Android TV with 7000+ Massive Apps
Get ready to elevate your home entertainment experience! Featuring Android TV, it offers an extensive library of 7000+ applications. Or get lost in a world of blockbuster movies and binge-worthy TV with access to the world’s most popular streaming services.