4K Projector


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Bring the cinematic experience to the comfort of your home with the Paris Rhône 100” 4K Ultra HD ALR Projector Screen. Compatible with any ultra-short-throw projector on the market, the screen is specifically engineered to reject up to 92% of ambient light to provide a big screen picture with superior contrast and solid color saturation in any room lighting conditions.

Question1: I have a ust mounted on ghe ceiling, will i be able to use this if i turn it upside down?
Answer1: Yes, our projector is produced for UST projectors. You just need to install the screen as instructed.

Question2: What's the l x w x h of this item? (not the package dimension)
Answer2:DIMENSIONS (INCHES W x H x D):PROJECTOR: 21.7 x 5 x 14.4

Question3:Does this screen use lenticular or fresnel technology?
Answer3:This screen uses lenticular technology.