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World Cup 2022 Countdown: Get the Last-Minute Online Tickets or Upgrade Your Home Theater

World Cup 2022 Countdown: Get the Last-Minute Online Tickets or Upgrade Your Home Theater

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is kicking off on 20 November. The countdown to World Cup 2022 starts now. Qatar is the first Arab country to host this global football show and this will also be the grandest sporting event ever in the Middle East. 

Sitting in the stadium to watch a World Cup game is what every football fan longs for. According to official data from FIFA, over 2.45 million was generated from ticket sales for World Cup 2022. 1.2 million visitors equivalent to half of Qatar’s population are anticipated to travel to Qatar. 

Ticket category

The ticket prices for Qatar 2022 range from $11 to $1607 depending on the seating areas and games. Tickets are categorized into four types: prime areas (Category 1), less premium areas (Category 2&3), and exclusive seating areas for residents of Qatar (Category 4). Qatar offers the cheapest price range for their residents with only $206 for the final match while international fans have to pay at least $604 for the Final. 

When and where to buy a ticket? 

There are remaining tickets available for the online Last-Minute Sales on starting at 5:00 UST/12:00 Doha time from 27 September until 18 December. Registration for an account on FIFA’s ticket portal is required for ticket purchases. It should be noted that FIFA only allows ticket transfer or resell with FIFA’s written permission otherwise there is a risk of tickets being canceled by FIFIA without a refund. So football fans should be aware of the risk when buying tickets from third-party websites.

How to Enjoy Your World Cup Time at Home?

Due to the huge global demand from football supporters, buying a World Cup ticket is harder than ever. If you are the lucky ones with tickets, this experience will cost you at least $3,000 including round-trip tickets, accommodation and food. Another wise way to spend your money is upgrading your TV for your family to enjoy the games at home. 

Paris Rhône recently launched a marvelous product 4K Ultra short-throw laser TV projector, aiming to bring a superior viewing experience to every home. Brilliant 4k UHD with 8.3 million delivers sharp and clear images with rich details for every scene.

Ultra short throw design allows the projector is placed at a short distance to present a maximum of 150-inch stunning display for a real cinematic experience.

This projector features with dual 25w powerful speaker supporting Dolby audio and DTS decoding, immersing viewers in a stereo sound system. Motion smoothing technology is employed to enhance your World Cup enjoyment by eliminating motion judder and ghosting. 

It is time to countdown to Qatar World Cup 2022. Gear up with Paris Rhône 4K laser TV Projector to watch your favorite football team together with your family and friends at home.

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