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The Best Baby Monitors For Parents

The Best Baby Monitors For Parents

Humans always look for ways that make things easier for them. When it comes to having an eye on your baby when you are not around, you will have to find a way to monitor the activities of your baby. This is where a baby monitor comes into play. People worldwide use baby monitors to ensure their children’s comfort and safety when they are in another room.

This blog will give you some key ideas about the best baby monitor from Paris Rhône. Read on and check out the best practices and useful features about video baby monitors.

Why Use a Baby Monitor?

Everyone is busy nowadays, and even if you are a stay-at-home parent, you can’t stay at your baby’s bedside all day, looking after them and being vigilant. Therefore, a baby monitor helps you go about your daily routine without having to worry about your baby waking up and getting scared, or getting injured by crawling out of the crib.

It can be challenging to monitor a baby all the time, and you can't leave your baby in the hands of a random person to look after when you are downstairs or busy with chores. This is why manufacturers came up with baby monitors, making parents’ lives easier.

Today, parents are using WiFi or no WiFi baby monitors to keep an eye on their babies all the time. Some of the best uses of baby monitors are:

Record Baby's Milestones

A baby monitor records babies' sleep and helps monitor their growth, as well as their ‘firsts’, which you can easily capture for future viewing.

Independent Playtime

Whether your child plays solo or with their siblings, video baby monitors help you ensure that they are safe and sound. Since many grown-up kids don't play with babies these days, baby monitors keep an eye on babies when they play in baby cots on their own. Hence, video baby monitors help with independent playtime for babies.

Monitoring Sleeping Time and Quality

These monitors help record babies' sleeping hours and how long it takes them to sleep. It helps parents to figure out their sleeping patterns and what they need to do to get them a better sleep. These best sleep tracking devices enable parents to monitor babies sleeping at a distance, even when they are in other rooms or the backyard. 

Peace of Mind

A baby is a gift to every parent. Parents always want to be around their babies, not leaving them even for a second. This is why baby monitors make difference in parents’ lives. With the best video baby monitor, you can take a break from babysitting without worrying about your baby.

What to Consider When Choosing the Video Baby Monitor?

Here are the factors to consider when buying a video baby monitor.

Coverage Area

This is one of the first things you should look for when buying a baby monitor. Your home may be of a good size and getting a wide coverage is a challenging task. This is why you should go for baby monitors that cover your entire home. The key purpose of baby monitors is to watch your babies from a distance. But what’s the point of baby monitors if they fail to provide a good range? So, check out baby monitors’ range capabilities and make sure you can view your baby from everywhere in your house.

Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

It is crucial to get a clear view of the real-time image from your baby monitor, as it is all about keeping a vigilant eye on your baby. So, look for a baby monitor with a camera that provides tilting, zooming, or remote pan features to watch your baby from any angle and never miss a tiny facial expression of your baby. Placement indeed plays an essential role in getting perfect coverage of monitoring, but these features allow parents to adjust the camera remotely to view better.

Stable Connectivity

This is another essential feature that you should look for in baby monitors. A safe and stable connection that offers complete privacy should be your prime goal while seeking the best video monitor.

Why Paris Rhône Baby Monitor?

Safe Connection, No Privacy Leak (FHSS wireless technology): Privacy and safety are the top priorities for parents. Paris Rhône baby monitors use FHSS wireless technology to prevent external access to baby monitors, keeping your baby away from hacking and other cyber crime.

Clear Night Vision, Sound & Temp Detection: It provides clear night vision, and the camera will automatically adjust visions according to light conditions. One of the best features of the Paris Rhône baby monitor is the sound-activated feature which alarms you when a baby’s crying or unusual sound is made. Also, with 3 adjustable sound levels, parents can control the sensitivity of the sound level without being waked by false alarms. 

Temperature Sensing: You can now adjust the room temperature in time based on the temperature monitoring feature to ensure the nursery room is at the right temperature. 

1080P FHD: It offers a smooth and clear live video with 1080P HD display on a 5.5-inch screen. Now you can see your baby clearly even in dim lights.  

Remote Pan 340° and Tilt 100°: Get the best range and coverage of the room with the wide angle lens and remote panning and tilting features.

Zoom Camera in 2X/4X: You don't need to worry if the camera is placed at a distance from the baby cot. The 2X/4X feature is to see your baby closer without getting a disrupted image on an LCD screen.

Stable Wireless Connection Covers up to 1,000 Feet: Paris Rhône offers ideal coverage. With its stable wireless connection, it covers a distance of nearly 1000 feet which means you can also try wall mounting a camera in a nursery room, and view smoothly from the other side of your house.


So, this blog helps you to understand better video baby monitors and how they work for you in monitoring babies. 

Do you want the best baby monitor? Order a Paris Rhône baby monitor and get the best view of your baby's activities. 

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