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Build Your Own Home Cinema - Paris Rhône 4K Laser Projector

Build Your Own Home Cinema - Paris Rhône 4K Laser Projector

You can easily invite your friends and beloved ones to watch a good movie in a basement or spare room. You need to set up a high-end 4K projector that can easily play high definition and 4K videos with a wide color gamut display that shows a wide video range. 

Looking for the best video and movie experience? Go for Paris Rhône 4K Laser Projector. It is one of the best LCD laser projectors and offers several features which give a wonderful performance. Without any doubt, you won't get any projector at just $5,000. It has an excellent 4K display that makes sports movies and gaming look great, even in low room lights.

What to Consider When Buying a Home Projector?


A high-end 4K projector produces bright images. Always check the ANSI Lumens rating to know how much light the projector will display.

Laser, Lamp, Or LED? 

The laser light source is highly important because it decides the viewing hours of a 4K UHD. LEDs or lasers give viewing of 20,000 hours compared to lamps that give only 3000 to 4000 hours. The LCD and OLED TVs can last up to 60,000 hours.

Placement (Ultra Short Throw) 

It is another factor you should consider because the placement of the best 4K laser projector depends on your space's viewing angle and ambient light.

The distance between the projector and the screen can affect the display, so if you place it in a smaller space, then go for Short Throw projectors to get a better display with bright, colorful images from a short distance. The wide color gamut also helps to display a wide range without distorting the pixels. 


It is simply the ratio of black and white portions of an image. It is better to use a 4K projector with high contrast ratio and Optoma Cinemax to get good color accuracy of whites and blacks in an image. 

There are always high chances that the display will look washed out when the contrast ratio is low, even with good lumen ratings. 

Consider a projector with a contrast ratio near 1,500:1 as it gives a good display even in a dark room. If you want a more accurate display, you can use a contrast ratio of 2,000:1.  

Light Output & Brightness 

A high-end 4K laser projector needs good light to display bright, colorful images. The display will get muddy if the light output is low, and you will never enjoy watching anything. 

The ANSI lumen rating can help determine the projector's light output. Consider a projector that offers 1000 ANSI lumens which gives enough brightness and displays brighter images.

Lamp Life

The lamp life is another important factor as it relates to using 4K laser projectors. Go for a projector that gives a lamp life of nearly 20,000 to 30,000 hours so that you can easily use it 8 hours a day and 5 days a week.

Seven Reasons to Upgrade to Paris Rhône 4K Tv Laser Projector

When buying the best ultra short throw projector to get a perfect movie theater at your home, consider looking for the Paris Rhône 4K TV Laser Projector to get an amazing home entertainment experience. Here are some things that make Paris Rhône 4K TV the best among all the 4K laser projectors.  Let's take a look.

80"-150" Display | Ultra Short Throw

The Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector displays high-quality visual images from a shorter distance. It produces an extreme angle and gives a good quality display, better than other traditional projectors.   

2000 ANSI Lumens

One of the best things about Paris Rhône 4K TV is its 2000 ANSI lumens, which produce enough light to get an amazing entertainment experience in your smart home.

3000:1 Contrast

Many people look for a contrast ratio of 2000:1 for a better dark and bright display. But what makes Paris Rhône 4K TV stand out is its 3000:1 contrast feature. The viewers get a clear display even in darker rooms.

Dolby Audio & DTS Decoding | MEMC

Get an amazing surround sound experience with Paris Rhône 4K TV Laser Projector because it has the feature of Dolby Audio & DTS Decoding, technology that compresses the sound. 

Lamp Life: 25,000 Hours

Watch movies and play games with your friends for hours, as the Paris Rhône 4K TV gives an impressive lamp life of 25,000 hours. 


Now you can easily connect USB hard drives, speakers, TV boxes, gaming consoles, and computers with Paris Rhône 4K TV as it is designed to be compatible with several devices without any input lag.


Paris Rhône 4K TV Laser Projector comes with 1 year of warranty, and the best thing that makes it popular in the market is its extended warranty opportunity. 

Why We Like it?: Key Opinion Leaders' review

The 80"-150" wide display enables video and content creators to display their videos exceptionally well, as this Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector gives them a clear display without any distortion in the image. 

Many leverage these 4K projectors for hours because of their 2000 lumen ANSI. You can display anything over it as this 4K laser projector is highly compatible to connect with various devices and gaming consoles. It produces a good quality sound with its powerful 50W speakers, 4K UHD resolution, and wide color gamut is enough for a large audience in a room.  

Paris Rhône 4K TV Laser Projector is getting popular daily among people. Many business professionals make the most of this Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector for their meetings and presentations. It has now become easy for schools and colleges to display educational and informative videos easily. 


So, we are sure that now you understand better the perks of having a Paris Rhône 4K TV Laser Projector for your smart home. These 4K UHD projectors are now benefiting people with a perfect android TV facility.

Are you also looking for home theater projectors for your home? Get the best Paris Rhône 4K TV Laser Projector now and enjoy a seamless video and movie experience.  

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