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Save Up 60% OFF! Shop the Air Fryer Oven Mother's Day Sale at Paris Rhône

Save Up 60% OFF! Shop the Air Fryer Oven Mother's Day Sale at Paris Rhône

In preparation for Mother's Day, Paris Rhône organizes a vast promotion sale this May. Paris Rhône offers you a more convenient shopping experience and more significant discounts of up to 60% than the brick-and-mortar stores. In addition to keeping you cooling easy in this summer, our Kitchen appliances also add a touch of technology to make your home advanced. Come and check out our shopping list guide below. 

Multifunctional 15-in-1 Oven(AF015):

The 19-quart ultra-large Air Fryer Oven by Paris Rhône features 15 smart cooking modes, including air fry and 14 additional cooking techniques. High temperatures up to 450 ℉ and superior maximized air flow speeds up cooking time with added crispness for healthy and oil-free meals. Delivers delicious, crispy golden, and guilt-free air-fried foods for your whole family.

PARIS RHÔNE air fryer toaster oven featured 15 cooking modes, ranging from 100℉ to 450 ℉; suitable for every cooking need.

Precise Temperature Control:The air fryer oven supports cooking within a range of 100℉ and 450℉ with precise adjustments of 10 ℉ at a time. The precise temperature control helps eliminate cold spots for more even cooking.

 Easy Viewing:Press the interior light button to turn on the built-in light bulb, enabling you to conveniently track your food. It can be turned on at any time to see your progress.

Order now with 60% OFF to take this brilliant 15-in-1 Oven home!

5.3 Quart Air Fryer (AF014):

The Paris Rhône air fryer helps make delicious meals. Unlike deep frying which uses oil to fry food, the 5.3-quart air fryer distributes hot air to evenly cook delicious meals. With 8 preset menus and overheat protection, the air fryer with a viewing window is the first choice for families looking for a healthier alternative with less calories.

Better, Safer Cooking:Overheating protection keeps everyone safe by automatically switching off the air fryer so it can safely cool down.

Advanced Stop-And-Start Protection:Need to add seasoning? Forgot to add an ingredient? The air fryer will automatically switch off if the frying basket is pulled out. Once you've added your seasoning, place the basket back and the air fryer will resume cooking with the previous settings selected.

 Separate Non-Stick Frying Tray:Easy to remove so you can add food, the non-stick frying tray can also be easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

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 5-In-1 Air Fryer Oven (AF013):

The 14.8-quart air fryer oven offers multiple cooking modes including air frying, baking, roasting, toasting, and a warming function, allowing you to say goodbye to traditional deep-fried cooking and enjoy a healthy, oil-free diet. Designed with 3 knobs, you can control the temperature and cooking time to bring out crispy textures and rich flavors. A magnetic cheat sheet gives you extra tools to create sumptuous snacks and tasty treats.

  • Convenient, Open Design: Air frying is now easier than ever with three easy-turning knobs to set the temperature, timer and cooking functions; the open transparent glass lid enables you keep an eye on your fried meal instead of frequently opening the cover and losing heat
  • Fry A Feast: The large 14.8-quart air fryer lets you add a variety of food including a 9-inch pizza, 4 slices of toast, 8 chicken wings, and other types of food that can feed the whole family; includes extra accessories to cook even more
  • 5 Modes to Cook Everything: This premium oven meets all your cooking needs by supporting air frying, toasting, baking, roasting, and warming, so you can make food worthy of a restaurant; comes with a magnetic cheat sheet to help novice and veteran cooks elevate their meals

Get the Air Fryer Oven  discounted at 60% to improve cooking food quality, and keep your family healthy now!


Time to prepare some gifts for Mother and family for the coming Mother’ s Day. All price reductions are automatically applied at checkout! Don't miss your chance to get thebest deals during this hot shopping season.

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