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Projector Sales Soar as the World Cup Approaches and Black Friday Sales Start

Projector Sales Soar as the World Cup Approaches and Black Friday Sales Start

Getting match-ready setups is the top priority for families and commercial venues when the most anticipated sports tournament FIFA World Cup is around the corner. Since a hike in demand for big screens is seen, Paris Rhône is currently experiencing a high volume of TV projector orders ahead of the World Cup. 4K ultra short throw laser TV projector presented by Paris Rhône, truly immerses consumers with a massive display of up to 150 inches in 4K UHD and superb cinematic audio powered by Dolby audio, making it a hot selling item.

Better Your World Cup Experience with a 4K Laser Projector

According to the product reviews from Top technology YouTubers and websites, this 4K projector is a rather solid option in terms of performance compared to other big brand names. Here are the key points why they recommend.

Ultra Short Throw

With this projector, you have the convenience of projecting a full HD-quality image onto a screen that is only a few inches away from the projector. This means you can enjoy an 80’’-150’’ inch stunning project screen anywhere indoors regardless of the size of the room.

Motion Smoothing

The Paris Rhône Laser Projector’s MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) promises a higher frame rate, which makes the experience of watching sports events amazing. Thanks to its Motion Smoothing Technology, you can wave goodbye to laggy, blurry images.

Smart Eye Protection

Brightness is automatically adjusted depending on your distance from the screen and this effectively avoids directly looking at the light. This smart eye protection mode is ideal for families with children, so it is worry-free when you watch games with your little football fans.

Most importantly, the Paris Rhône comes with a 1-year warranty, and an extended warranty is available. Thanks to Black Friday Sale, Paris Rhône 4K ultra short throw laser TV projector is available at an incredible price of $1,899, saving $900 on the official Paris Rhône Site.

There are only a few left in stock at the moment. Hurry up! This is the perfect time to build your ultimate home theater with a 4K UST laser TV projector.


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