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Happy Shopping with Paris Rhône’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale!

Happy Shopping with Paris Rhône’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale!

Due to the unsettled economic climate in recent years, the so-called stay-at-home economy has grown rapidly, and people have become accustomed to online shopping. Great deals and discounts are available at Paris Rhône store at the end of the previous years, and this year this offer will be even better. We offer up to 35% discount, so don’t forget to mark your calendars! Our promotion lasts from November 10, 2022 (PST) to November 28, 2022 (PST). Here, we curate a list of the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale deals to make your shopping a breeze.

Paris Rhône 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

Springing for a 4K ultra-short throw laser projector with an amazing $900 price cut can turn your home into an incredible theater to enjoy an epic cinematic experience with astonishing sound and crystal-clear images. The laser projector boasts ultra-short throw technology that can project a massive screen up to 150” even placed on the TV cabinet near the wall and display stunning and vivid color. Take the $1,899 laser projector and the 100” 4K fixed frame projector screen back home together, you can host a movie night in your backyard anytime.

Paris Rhône 1500W Fast Heating Electric Ceramic Space Heater

Since winter is coming, household appliances such as space heaters and humidifiers are essential to make your home a comfortable living space.

Get 20% off and be ready to feel the warm air from the 1500W Fast Heating Space Heater. Thanks to the powerful 1500W heating technology, the space heater is able to warm the room within only 2 seconds, effectively beating your winter blues. Designed with a widened 70° oscillating, this whisper-low space heater covers every corner of the room with warmth. The heater also features tip-over and overheat protections, ensuring your family’s safety even if a playful kitten is in the house.

Paris Rhône 4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

When you turn on the space heater to keep warm, a humidifier is also needed to keep the indoor air moist to prevent your skin from being dry, which makes the balanced work of the heater and humidifier vital to keep your home comfortable.

Get the 4L humidifier with a tremendous 35% discount which adjusts the mist level automatically to deliver your desired humidity level. With a built-in large 4L water tank, the humidifier is perfect for moisturizing a large living room or office.

Final Thoughts

All Paris Rhône products are discounted, such as space heaters, humidifiers, baby monitors and other kitchen appliances. All markdowns are automatically applied at checkout!

The holidays are around the corner. In this shopping season, practical Paris Rhône home appliances are your best bet to spend a warm winter with your family and friends.

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