Best Paris Rhône Tower Fans for Sale: Enjoy Summer All the More!

Best Paris Rhône Tower Fans for Sale: Enjoy Summer All the More!

As soon as summer rolls around, we start thinking about how to stay cool in our homes and apartments. Many Americans cool off using fans, air conditioners, and inflatable pools. But one of the best ways to stay sweat-free and cool indoors is using a tower fan. Unlike box fans and tabletop fans, a tower fan is taller and slimmer and takes up little space. 

Tower fans help circulate air, making a room feel less hot and stuffy. They also work well with air conditioners. And because a tower fan moves cool air around and helps it circulate, you’ll use your air conditioner a lot less.

You can carry a tower fan around the house to prevent rooms from feeling like saunas. It uses less energy than an air conditioner, and with proper use, will help reduce your electricity bill. 

How Do Tower Fans Work?

Unlike traditional fans that slice up air horizontally, tower fans cause the air to move vertically. They suck in air and push it through a vertical shaft towards the air guide and it exits through the exit vent. An air blower pushes the air outside and dispenses it evenly throughout a room.

Benefits of a Tower Fan

1.      Stylish

Most tower fans have awesome designs! Their understated designs work well with any décor. They add style and functionality to a living room, bedroom, or an office. An old pedestal fan can make your home look less modern or your office less professional, but a tower fan will elevate the style.

2.      Space-Saving

Tower fans are slim and sleek. Even if you live in a small apartment with limited space, you can easily find a spot for them. You can place one in the corner of your living room to keep house guests cool in summer. You can also use one in your office cubicle without cluttering your workspace. And when temperatures start to go down, you can easily store your tower fan until the next year.

3.      Quieter

Traditional fans have exposed blades that produce a sound as they move. They also feature a top-heavy design which can cause squeaking, clicking, and other unpleasant sounds. But a tower fan is different. Any noise that’s produced by the unit is muffled by its housing. Because of this, it’s quieter than most fans.

4.      Feature-Packed

Tower fans have many awesome features thanks to their design. Their real strength is their extra functions. Some provide air purification, lighting, and have add-ons that make them more than just fans. Some models are also fitted with HEPA filters and ionizers which purify air before they blow it out, creating a cleaner and more refreshing environment.

5.      Better Balance

Tower fans aren’t as top-heavy as traditional pedestal fans. Their blades are enclosed, giving them better balance. The enclosed blades also make them less fragile. It takes a lot of work to knock over a tower fan! If you have small kids or pets who easily knock things over, consider getting one.

The Best Paris Rhône Tower Fans for Sale

1.      36” Portable and Bladeless Tower Fan:  PE-TF002

Some years ago, bladeless tower fans cost much more than their traditional counterparts and were out of reach for many people. But that’s all in the past as there are now many affordable options on the market. Bladeless tower fans are safer than regular fans because airflow is produced in the fan's enclosed base—a cool, breezy vortex is pushed up into the main chamber like a rocket.

Bladeless tower fans are also quieter than conventional fans and most are energy-efficient. And on the practical side, they are a lot easier to clean. You don’t have to struggle to wedge a duster in between a grate. If you've decided to get a bladeless tower fan, we recommend this Paris Rhône Tower Fan. Here are some of its standout features:

  • 3 Speeds (low, medium, and high)
  • 3 Modes (normal, natural, sleep)
  • 65°Oscillation
  • Remote Control
  • 12-Hour Timer
  • Portable Stand
  • LED Display

Offering fully customizable airflow, this bladeless tower fan allows you to customize the breeze to your liking. Its smooth 65° wide angle oscillation and 20ft/s velocity ensure it provides cooling comfort on hot days and stuffy nights. The large LED display helps you keep track of the speed, mode, ambient temperature, timer, and oscillation. Use the remote to control its various settings.

If you have small kids, this is the fan to get. It has a child-friendly design and ETL certification for safety. Its narrow fence generates powerful airflow without hazardous blades, so it’s a perfect choice for families with children and pets. The 36” size makes it ideal for any medium or large room.

2.      36” Oscillating Tower Fan with 3 Speeds: PE-TF014

If you’ve been feeling the heat lately, you’re not alone. Temperatures can go way up in summer. So, if you’re searching for a way to stay cool this season—beyond ice cream and ice cubes—this oscillating tower fan can help.

It moves side to side, up and down, moving cold air around rather than in one direction. Be prepared for the official start of summer with the best oscillating tower fan for your home or office. Here are some of its features you’ll love:

  • 3 Speed settings (low, medium, and high)
  • 3 Modes (normal, natural, sleep)
  • 65°Oscillation
  • 8-Hour Timer
  • Portable Stand
  • LED Display
  • Auto-temperature Detection
  • 60° Auto Oscillation
  • Quiet Operation
  • Remote Control

Built to be used in homes, this oscillating tower fan offers 3 speeds and 3 modes. Its easy, intuitive controls put the power in your hands. Use the remote to easily set the speed, mode, and angle. The large LCD display shows you the temperature, current mode, speed, and other features.

You’ll love the quiet operation mode that makes for great sleep. When you select the mode, the oscillating tower fan will only produce 45dB, keeping you extra cool without extra noise. A built-in timer allows you to choose how long the fan runs.

The auto-temperature detection feature keeps a room at the right temperature. It shuts the fan off if the temperature drops below 24°C (75.2°F). This fan is designed for portability and features a small base and body. Its built-in handle provides added convenience, allowing you to take it wherever you want.

Get a Tower Fan for Sale and Quickly Cool Down Any Room

Summer is almost here, and the sunshine will be a welcome respite after a harsh winter. But some summer days can get unbearably hot. Since you can’t spend the entire day floating in the pool, you need a tower fan. Tuck it into the corner of a room and forget it’s summer. Choose a tower fan for sale from our great selection.







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