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Never Miss a Movement of Your Baby with A Baby Monitor

Never Miss a Movement of Your Baby with A Baby Monitor

New parents often get little sleep and find it hard to have peace of mind since they have to keep an eye on their babies all the time. Taking care of babies has changed so much with time passes by, thanks to smart products invented to help live a better life.

Baby monitors are getting popular these years. Because they are seen as lifesavers allowing parents to hear and watch their babies, especially when they have separate rooms for them.

According to the feedback from our customers, the Paris Rhône baby monitor is a lot more useful than you think and should be put on your shopping list if you have a baby or prepare for a newborn. Here are the top reasons why they love it:

Why does Paris Rhône Baby Monitor Keep Parents Happy?

  • Never miss a movement of your baby: It comes with a large 5.5-inch 1080P display and a camera that can pan, tilt and zoom so you can get a close-up look of your sweet baby’s face from any angle. Powered by HD night vision, this baby monitor never lets you miss any tiny movement of your baby even in the dark. It is easy to watch over your baby on the other side of the room up to 1000ft away. With the split screen feature, this monitor can connect up to 4 cameras, so you can monitor multiple rooms on one device at the same time. It is ideal for parents with more than one baby.
  • Baby crying detection: With VOX mode on a baby monitor, it can automatically sense any sound that occurs and alert you right away. What is VOX mode? Let me make this simple. It means this baby monitor is voice-activated. On VOX mode, this device is standby anytime and starts immediately when a sound is made. Also, it is energy-saving and enables this monitor to last up to 30 hours on audio-only mode and 18 hours with both audio and screen on. Some may worry about disturbance from false alarms, the sensitivity level can be easily adjusted from high to low based on your need. Don’t forget to test the VOX mode before use. The benefit is vital. Without having to be awake and around by your baby’s side 24/7, you will be informed when your baby is crying or behaving dangerously in their cribs. You can have a quick check on your sweetheart in real-time. With Paris Rhône Baby Monitor, there are 5 soothing lullabies available to choose from and play, which help your baby sleep better at bedtime.
  • Two-way talking: A study indicates 1-3 weeks old infant starts to recognize their parents’ voice. It is particularly important to build in-person interaction with your baby, like letting them hear your voice. The baby monitor from Paris Rhône supports two-way talking which works similarly to a walkie-talkie but with better sound quality. You can soothe your baby by talking or singing anytime even when you are busy doing chores or exercising at home. In the toddler age, kids tend to be more active and need more independent playtime.  This baby monitor allows you to watch and provide instructions remotely.
  • Temperature detection and feed reminder: It is way more than just a video monitor. This device allows you to check the temperature of the nursery at a glance. Because too hot or cold can make your baby cry or put them at risk of SIDS in the worst case. Parents should always make sure the optimal temperature is maintained. Another useful feature is a baby feeding reminder. Parents should know a newborn need to be fed every 2 to 3 hours and never leave your baby without feeding for over 4 hours. The frequency reduces as your baby grows. Paris Rhône Baby monitor helps you set a regular feeding schedule and reminds you on time.

Wi-Fi or Non-Wi-Fi Baby Monitor?

There are plenty of options that vary in features in the market. With or without Wi-Fi can be confusing for some parents to decide. A Wi-Fi-capable baby monitor is known as a convenient option to watch your baby on your phone when you are at work or traveling as long as there is an Internet connection.

However, safety always comes first when parents make buying decisions. Recent terrifying news about baby monitors getting hacked is mounting. In these cases, parents overhearing kidnapping threats from their baby monitors or spotting baby monitor being controlled by hackers are concerning. As a result of this, the security of Wi-Fi baby monitors is often questioned.

The use of Wi-Fi-capable baby monitors can endanger your home and family safety. Let me explain this from a theoretical aspect. Wi-Fi baby monitors are more accessible to hackers like a wide open door and the consequence is they can easily enter other devices connected to the home Wi-Fi network.

But no panicking is needed. Instead of the use of Wi-Fi, Paris Rhône employs an internal 2.4GHz FHSS channel to protect your device from hacking. FHSS is a proprietary protocol. So data is transmitted via a non-static channel which makes it almost impossible for a hacker to steal data from your router or devices. If you don’t want a baby monitor to turn your sweet dream into a nightmare by exposing your privacy, Paris Rhône is your reliable choice.


At the end of the day, Paris Rhône baby monitor provides an easy plug-and-play smart baby care partner for parents to optimize your babysitting experience. Order your baby monitor to enjoy peace of mind from now on.


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