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How to Ensure Indoor Air Quality in Winter? 5 Steps to Clean a Space Heater

How to Ensure Indoor Air Quality in Winter? 5 Steps to Clean a Space Heater

Autumn has come, and the winter is not far behind. It’s time to prepare a space heater for the cold weather season. When you take out the heater used last winter, do you clean it first or use it directly?

After several months of storage, some dust or grime spots are collected in the vents, even if you store it in a closed cabinet. For your health and safety, we recommend cleaning the space heater before use.

There is a lot to learn about cleaning a small space heater and here are some tips for you make it easier.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Space Heater?

Cleaning the space heater in time can prevent dust from circulating in the house with the wind direction.

Most allergens and some viruses enter the human respiratory tract through the air. People with allergic rhinitis or asthma and other related diseases are very sensitive to air quality. If indoor air circulation is usually poor, it will further lead to a high concentration of indoor microorganisms and odors, and possibly further aggravate allergies.

Therefore, the sanitation of indoor air requires constant attention to maintain to prevent the patients from getting worse.

What’s more, dust and particles in the air will accumulate and eventually block the air vent after long-term use, resulting in reduced heating efficiency. In addition, some components in the dust are conductive and can absorb moisture, increasing the risk of short circuits and the malfunction of the space heater. Consequently, cleaning the small space heater should prolong its lifespan.

How Often Should You Clean Your Space Heater?

Regular dust removal of the space heater is necessary and the frequency of cleaning your space heater depends on your usage.

If you often use the portable space heater, periodic cleaning is needed and you should clean it every 500 hours of use to ensure its heating efficiency.

If you take the small space heater out just now, you are suggested to clean it throughout.

How to Clean Your Space Heater?

The cleaning of the space heater is not complicated. All you need to do is follow these instructions step by step patiently, and you will get your space heater looks like a brand new one.

Follow the steps below to clean your heater:

  1. Unplug the space heater and wait for it to cool off completely. You can wear a mask to avoid inhaling dust during this preparation period, especially if you’re sensitive to dust.
  2. When the heater cools off, unscrew and remove the casing of the space heater with a screwdriver, and wipe off the dust and debris of interior accessories and grease on the surface with a cloth or cotton gauze.
  3. For some hard-to-reach places, such as the grilles of the heater or vents, you can use a dust brush or a vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle to remove the dust. You should note that do not use cotton yarn with wool to remove the dust. Otherwise, cotton yarn may attach to the machine and become dust.
  4. Wipe the exterior of the heater with a slightly damp microfiber cloth and pay attention to the crevices and areas around the buttons. For a better outcome, you can also add mild detergents, such as 1-2 drops of soapy water to remove the grease.
  5. After the dust is removed, let the surface dry naturally or you can wipe the surface with dry cloth.

What Should You Do After Cleaning?

After the cleaning of the filter, you should install the accessories back into places and put a cover on for the next use.

In addition, you should be aware of the following tips to avoid misuse:

  1. Do not place the space heater close to an electrical outlet.
  2. Check if the voltage and the current meet the requirements of the heater.
  3. Do not cover the heater when it is working, or it may overheat.
  4. Do not place it with water or humidity. Otherwise, it may cause short circuits or leakage of electricity with splashing water.
  5. Keep the heater away from flammable materials at a distance of at least 0.5 meters.
  6. Do not place the heater near the curtains, door curtains, or textiles to avoid fire.
  7. Do not unplug the power cord directly. After turning off the space heater, you should wait for it to cool down and then unplug the power supply.

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Final Thoughts

Regular cleaning for heaters and other home appliances is essential. It significantly improves equipment stability, ensures high performance, reduces maintenance cost, extends service life, reduces energy consumption, prevents diseases, and most importantly, increases product safety. Get a Paris Rhône space heater to enjoy a warm breeze in your cozy home in winter.

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