What is the Most Energy-Efficient Space Heater?

What is the Most Energy-Efficient Space Heater?

As winter approaches, many homeowners look for ways to warm up without sending their energy bills through the roof.

Space heaters can be an affordable way to heat a room or supplement your central heating, but not all space heaters are created equal regarding efficiency.

In this blog post, we'll look at how space heaters work, how much they cost to operate, whether it's safe to leave them on overnight, and most importantly, what features to look for when shopping for the most energy-efficient space heater for your home.

How Does a Space Heater Work?

Space heaters work by converting electricity into heat. Space heaters are great for warming up rooms of different shapes and sizes and give off a warming heat similar to a traditional fire. There are a few main types of electric space heaters, including the following:

  • Ceramic space heaters use a ceramic heating element that gets hot when electricity passes through it. A fan blows air over the element and into the room. Paris Rhône PE-HE018and PE-HE019 are examples of ceramic space heaters.
  • Radiant or infrared space heaters use a quartz heating element. They don't utilize a fan; the element radiates heat directly to objects around it.
  • Oil-filled space heaters use oil as a heat reservoir. An electric current warms the oil, which then radiates heat.
  • Micathermic heaters combine technology from ceramic and oil-filled heaters. They use a thin sheet of mica and thermal oil to radiate heat.

No matter the type, all electric space heaters work by converting electricity into radiant heat energy that warms up people and objects nearby.

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Space Heater?

When considering a space heater, it's essential to think about how much it will cost to operate. Some space heaters can be expensive, especially if you use them in a large room. Here are a few key factors that affect the energy use of a space heater:

  • Wattage - The wattage indicates how much electricity the heater will draw. Higher-wattage heaters emit more heat but use more electricity.
  • Efficiency - More efficient models convert a more significant percentage of electricity into heat. Look for heaters with high scores in energy efficiency ratios (EERs).
  • Features - Programmable thermostats, timers, and eco modes can reduce energy waste.
  • Space - Heating a larger room requires more energy. Only use a space heater for the room you're occupying.
  • Electricity Cost - Your local electricity rate affects the final cost. Average electricity rates are around $0.14/kWh.

For example, Paris Rhône’s PE-HE018 ceramic heater uses 750-1500 watts. Used on high at 1500 watts for 8 hours, it would use 12 kWh. At $0.14/kWh, that's $1.68 per 8 hours. The lower 750-watt setting could cut that in half.

Features like the programmable thermostat help prevent waste, further reducing costs. This makes a space heater an affordable way of keeping yourself warm in winter.

Can I Leave a Space Heater on Overnight?

It's generally recommended not to run a space heater unattended or while sleeping, as there may be a risk of fires. Space heaters are designed for spot heating occupied spaces, not as background heating at night. There are a few more safety concerns you should consider when using your space heater:

  • Fire risk - Faulty wiring or placing flammable objects too close raises fire risk. Unattended heaters account for 32% of home heating fires, according to NFPA.
  • Tip over hazard - Pets or kids knocking over the space heater could start fires. Choose units with information over protection.
  • Overheating - Running a space heater overnight while asleep defeats safety features like automatic shut-off.
  • Energy waste - Heating unused spaces wastes electricity. Use smart features like timers and thermostats to avoid wasting energy and increasing your carbon footprint.

If you need heat at night, consider a dedicated bedroom space heater with a timer and tip-over shut-off, pushed away from flammable objects. But remember, it's always safest to turn off space heaters before leaving the room or going to sleep.

What is the Most Energy-Efficient Space Heater?

If you've decided a space heater suits your needs, look for an efficient model to save on your utility bills. Features that make a space heater most energy efficient include:

  • Ceramic or infrared heating elements - These provide radiant heat without a fan. Units like the Paris Rhône PE-HE019are typically more efficient than coil or fan-forced models.
  • A programmable thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature and avoid overheating. The Paris Rhône heaters have digital thermostats with precise 0.1-degree tuning.
  • Timer -Timer settings let you match heating to occupied hours only. The PE-HE018and PE-HE019 have convenient 12-hour auto shut-off timers.
  • Eco/energy saving mode - This uses less power by cycling on and off. Perfect for just taking the chill off.
  • Automatic safety shut off - If tipped over or overheated, the unit shuts down. This prevents fires and waste.
  • High energy efficiency ratio (EER) - Check the EER to compare efficiency between models. The higher, the better.
  • Appropriate wattage - Don't overheat your space. Scale wattage to the room size you need to heat.
  • Good reviews - Check owner reviews for honest world feedback on performance and energy savings.

By choosing the right size heater for your room and looking for features like programmable thermostats and timers, you can enjoy supplemental spot heating for less this winter. Efficient ceramic heaters like the Paris Rhône PE-HE018 and PE-HE019 can keep you cozy and comfortable without being an energy hog.

Key Takeaways

Staying warm doesn't have to mean high energy bills with the right space heater. Focus on supplemental spot heating just the areas you occupy, and be sure to turn off your space heater when leaving a room or going to sleep.

An efficient model with features like programmable thermostats and timers allows more savings. The Paris Rhone PE-HE018 and PE-HE019 ceramic space heaters check all the boxes for safe, energy-efficient operation.

Practical timers and thermostats can cut your heating costs while keeping you cozy. Get your most affordable warmth this winter with an efficient space heater.

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