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Top Tips to Buy the Best Countertop Nugget Ice Maker for Home 2022

Top Tips to Buy the Best Countertop Nugget Ice Maker for Home 2022

No one can resist an ice-cold beverage after a long day since it is an excellent way to refresh yourself. If you throw a cocktail party, a nugget ice maker is essential to keep the party going. However, it can be difficult to find the best countertop ice maker for a home since there are many options in the market. We aim to solve the main concerns you have in mind and help you find the best home ice makers in 2022. So, read further to learn tricks and tips for purchasing the right ice maker for the party.

What is an Ice Maker?

An ice maker, ice machine, or ice generator refers to a device that helps to make ice. This device can be presented inside a home freezer and are also available as a stand-alone appliance to freeze water.

Types of Ice Makers

Undercover Ice Makers

They are unique ice maker countertops, as they are fixed in your kitchen cabinets. Undercover ice makers produce a significant amount of ice in just a day. Most of them come with counter-depth and often have an insulated storage bin to store up to 50 pounds of ice.  

While they are the ideal choice for homeowners who requires a bundle of ice, they can reduce cabinet space. You must also create a water line before installing a household ice machine which limits its placement options.

Countertop Ice Makers

They are also known as a portable ice maker  due to its small size. They are simple to set up wherever you like in your kitchen. They are an excellent solution for smaller kitchens because they are also simple to store when not in use.

These home ice machines can only produce 30 pounds of ice in 24 hours. Though you will get less ice daily, you don’t have to install a water line or worry about its placement. Add water to the machine manually and you can enjoy chill drinks throughout the day.

Freestanding Ice Makers

These ice maker models have similar shapes and sizes as undercover machines and produce an equal amount of ice. But you can place freestanding models anywhere you want instead of only fitting under kitchen cabinets.

Freestanding ice maker machines come with insulated storage bins and want a water line for installation. The drawback is that it will take up floor space, making it a less desirable alternative for kitchens with limited room.

Freezer Ice Maker Kits

You can increase the ice production of your freezer by adding an ice kit. They work best for freezers that don’t even come with ice makers. Homeowners who don’t want to install large ice makers in-house and only need 3 to 5 pounds of ice daily can opt for this one.

Reasons Why You Need a Countertop Ice Maker at Home?

You Need to use the Portable Option

Countertop Ice Maker is portable and it offers great convenience. Becuase you can easily entertain your guests without going to the kitchen every hour to fill up the ice bucket. This is because you can keep this ice maker on the table and quickly get ice.

You Have a Small Kitchen

Don’t worry about serving cold beverages to your guests, even if you have a smaller kitchen. Invest in a compact ice maker countertop that instantly solves your problem.

You are an Adventure Lover

You might require a pleasant cool beverage if you frequently go camping or on road excursions. A countertop nugget ice maker allows you to take a chilled glass of your preferred beverage on the go.

You Need an Easy Solution

Countertop ice makers are easier to handle. You can easily clean them as they require little maintenance. On top of that, they offer high performance no matter where you put them in your space.

You Don’t Need Additional Installations

There is no need to install a water line to use these devices. They only require you to add water manually to the machine, and you’re good to go.

How to Choose a Home Ice Maker Machine?  

Energy Consumption

Ice-making machines for homes use energy around 350-kilowatt hours or less in a month. It’s best to look for technologies like Paris Rhône Nugget ice maker that consumes less energy, helping you save money on the bill.


You can purchase ice cleaners that come with a self-cleaning feature. These machines auto-clean and drain by simply pressing a button. This way, you don’t need to worry about how to keep it hygienic.

Ice Production

Look for home ice makers that can produce 30 lbs of ice at a time. Also, look for ice makers that can offer ice in just a few minutes. This way, you never go out of ice and stay hydrated and chilled in hot summer.


The appliance’s design is crucial to maintain the visual appeal of your environment. Find a nugget countertop ice maker with modern design that goes well with your kitchen.


Ice makers with low noise should be your priority. Search for devices with lower than 45db working noise. This way, the compressor will work efficiently yet quietly without disturbing the people around it.

Best Ice Maker for Home Use - Paris Rhône Nugget ice maker

Looking for the best nugget ice maker in the market? If so, opt for the Paris Rhône Nugget ice maker. Here are some features that you will enjoy from this product.

Low Noise Operation

Paris Rhône Nugget ice maker has improved heat dissipation which helps lower noise. If you use it at parties, it will not disturb your gathering.

One Touch Self-Cleaning Feature

This countertop ice maker will self-clean itself to prevent debris from storing in the machine. It drains water regularly to clean the entire ice production area, offering fresh ice.

Intelligent Continuous Operation

Paris Rhône Nugget ice maker comes with an advanced infrared sensor that stops the machine when the compartment is full of ice. It also recycles melted ice to prevent wastage.

30% Quicker Ice

The Paris Rhône Nugget ice machine makes getting ice quicker and simpler. Using this machine, you can make 30 pounds of ice in just 14 minutes, presenting everyone at the party with a refreshing drink.

Stylish Design

Its attractive design will improve the atmosphere in your kitchen. Its beautiful design allows you to keep it anywhere in your kitchen.

Final thoughts

If you are frustrated with the ice cube trays, it’s time to invest in a home ice machine. These ice makers can produce ice in large amounts, allowing you to get ice at any time you want.

Paris Rhône Nugget Ice Maker is perfect for homeowners looking for a high-performance, super-functional, and highly efficient ice maker. This upgraded model with incredible features and designs is a must-have for your kitchen.

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