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The Paris Rhône 2k Video Baby Monitor: Your Solution for Bedtime Struggles

The Paris Rhône 2k Video Baby Monitor: Your Solution for Bedtime Struggles

When it comes to tools we parents use to help us raise our babies, our standards go way high. We can’t have these accessories breaking down on us while we’re in the middle of a very busy day. That’s why it’s refreshing to see gadgets like the Paris Rhône 2k video baby monitor. It’s a guaranteed good run.

It’s especially useful when your baby sleeps in their own room. When we moved our son to his own room when he was seven months old, we didn’t have a baby monitor yet. I couldn’t sleep not knowing what was going on with my son. So until we bought a baby monitor a week later, I woke up eight times every night just to check on him. Yep, it wasn’t ideal.

A partner with excellent night vision

The Paris Rhône 2k video baby monitor is a conveniently high-tech tool. It’s the perfect one especially for paranoid moms like me.

For one thing, the video quality is exceptional. The monitor has 2K HD picture‑perfect quality videos. A 2k video resolution means it has 2,560 pixels horizontally and 1,440 pixels vertically. This is way better than a video that has a full-HD resolution, which only has 1,990 x 1,080 pixels. So when you zoom in on the 2k video you get from the Paris Rhône 2k video baby monitor, the details will still be razor sharp.

Even at night, you’re guaranteed a clear line of vision. This baby monitor has infrared night vision. When you turn off the lights in your baby’s room, you’ll be able to actually see them better, ironically, through the baby monitor.

Speaking of nighttime, did you know that this baby monitor has the ability to play your baby at least 14 lullabies? If you’re doing mild sleep training, you can try this feature to help your baby lull themselves to sleep.

You can access all these functions via a smart app.

Multi-tier sensors


My favorite features, though, are the temperature and humidity sensor.and the advanced tracker for motion and sound.

Nights are comfortably cool in our part of the world, so we sleep with the windows open. Sometimes, though, for no obvious reason, night breezes disappear. Humid wafts of air take their place. I would have loved to use the Paris Rhône 2k video baby monitor when my son was a baby because it would have sent my phone notifications if my son was fussing because he was uncomfortably hot or cold.

Also, my son was (and still is) a restless sleeper. Even as a baby, he did 180-degree turns in his sleep. This baby monitor’s motion sensor would have been perfect had it been around when my son was a baby. More than once, he’d fallen off his bed because he just couldn’t stay still while asleep. (Well, actually, he used a low crib so it was more of him rolling off it rather than falling off. But that’s not the point.)

If we had been using this baby monitor then, I could have gotten to my son much faster. The notifications sent to my phone about his movements would have woken me up. I wouldn’t have had to be woken up, terrifyingly, by my son’s wails instead.

Comms with your baby

The one thing that’s most convenient about this baby monitor is that parents can go about tasks but still keep tabs on your baby. The monitor has a five-inch 720dpi screen. Watching your baby on it won’t be like looking at them through a postage stamp-size window.

And if you’re out of the house, the baby monitor can accommodate up to two people in a video call. So, mom and dad, you both can simultaneously have a chat with your baby (and their caregiver, of course) while you’re both in the office, separately. This baby monitor has a built-in microphone and speaker so your baby can babble back to you.

To get just the right angle during your chat (so you can see your baby better), the monitor’s display panel can zoom in and out, pan, and tilt. It’s an intuitive baby monitor.

You may also appreciate the feeding reminder. Yup, the baby monitor will give out alerts when it’s time to feed your baby. It’s the perfect feature for busy parents who have a million things going on in their minds while caring for your baby.

Long-lasting power

Say you’re going on a trip with the whole family, but then forgot to bring the charger of this baby monitor. If you’re gone for about a week, that’s not a problem because the Paris Rhone 2k video baby monitor has a power-saving screen. Equally impressive, it has a 3000mAh rechargeable battery that can go on for about seven days without needing to be charged.

Aside from this feature being totally convenient, it also makes the baby monitor environmentally friendly. Charging it fewer times means it uses up less energy. The less energy you use, the less pollution power sources produce. That means by using this baby monitor, you will be helping, even indirectly, ease the effects of climate change.

Learn more about the Paris Rhône 2k video baby monitor here:

Use the code “EARLYBIRD60” to get a single-camera unit with a free bracket at $99.99. If you prefer a dual-code camera unit, use the code “EARLYBIRD80” to get the unit at $169.99.

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