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Super Bowl 2023 Countdown: Get the Ultra Short Throw Projector for an Immersive Sports Viewing Experience

Super Bowl 2023 Countdown: Get the Ultra Short Throw Projector for an Immersive Sports Viewing Experience

When it comes to football, it’s time to go big with an innovative and quality new projector for your theatre or living room. The much-awaited game, i.e., Super Bowl, will start on 13th February 2023, so you must prepare for it as soon as possible. It is played by the winners of the league’s National Football Conference and American Football Conference. The game is hosted by different cities every year, and this year it will be played at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

You need an ultra short throw laser projector to see your favorite NFL players playing on the big screen. With this modern technology, you can share unique experiences with your friends.  

Wondering why you need an ultra short throw projector when you already have a TV or simple projector? Well, if you don’t want to miss the joyful moment and broad smiles of players due to poor-quality images on a projector or don’t have incredible high audio on your TV to listen to commentary, you better need to purchase a new projector.

How does an Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector Work?

Ultra short throw or UST projector is designed to deliver high-resolution images. Hence, users can use them for different applications, such as classrooms, home theatres, and offices.

Wondering how they are different from others? The primary difference between ultra-short throw projectors and traditional projectors is that they feature extremely short throw distances. Therefore, you can install them only a few feet from a screen or wall without sacrificing brightness or quality.

In fact, the closer you place your laser projector to the screen, the clear and brighter your image will be. This is because there is less distance left between the projector and the screen that could allow the light to disperse without hitting the screen surface.

Benefits of Investing in an Ultra Short Throw Projector



Ultra short throw projector works great for smaller spaces. This allows you to place the projector in your desired place, as it can hug the wall but still give you a bright image. For instance, keep Paris Rhone 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector close to any wall or screen to enjoy Super Bowl 2023 with your friends and family. You can easily keep it 5.4” to 18.8” from the wall and see your favorite sport from the wall. This makes the laser project perfect for smaller rooms or homes with no permanent installation space.

Big Screen Size

Ultra short throw projectors deliver massive displays at home. No need to invest in large-screen LCDs to enjoy NFL matches. These projectors can give you an 80” to 150” inch marvelous display in any space. They are incredible options for NFL fans, as it gives users a real cinematic experience.  

 The best part is that they are much more affordable than a quality TV with a big screen and offer more features than a traditional TV can deliver.

Long Lamp Life

Whether you want to watch a movie, a football match, or other things, you don’t have to completely blackout the space. You don’t have to worry about sun rays entering your house. 

Projectors like Paris Rhone 4k ultra short throw projector delivers long lamp life with an incredible amount of brightness of 2000 lumens. This helps you enjoy fantastic image quality at night or even in the daytime.

Powerful Speakers

Not only will users enjoy bright and clear images, but they will also get high-quality sound. The powerful speakers will make you feel you are in the stadium and watching your favorite player playing. These projectors will give you an immersive experience and make the games even more fun.

Easy Installation

If you are not purchasing projectors just because you find them hard to install, then ultra short throw projectors are the best option. These new projectors are super easy to install and set up based on your desired setting. You will be able to save yourself from the complex and challenging installation processes and also save your time and money.

Advantage of Watching Super Bowl on Ultra Throw Projector

While you can watch Super Bowl on your smartphone or TV, using an ultra throw projector to watch sports gives you a whole new experience. There are plenty of advantages of opting for ultra throw projectors, including but not limited to the following:

Customizable Screen Size

An ultra throw projector will allow you to watch movies or  Super Bowl on your desired screen size. You can change the size from 80” to 150” based on your preferences.


Watching Super Bowl with your friends is a super good idea. But are you planning to watch it on TV? Drop the thought. If you really want to have fun with your loved ones, then an ultra short throw projector will give you real entertainment. You can watch players and every goal on a big screen that allow you to see every moment, enjoy all the slightest move with all the expressions, and make you feel as If you are in the stadium

How Much Does a Laser Projector Cost?

 Since these projectors are designed to use at a very close distance, this makes them ideal for home use, classrooms, boardrooms, and other small spaces. Buying a ticket for all the matches of the NFL will cost you an exponential amount. Thanks to the ultra short throw projector, you can get the same experience as you will get from the stadium by spending less money.

This projector will cost you from $1,000 to $3,000, and you can use it as a home theatre projector. With this cutting-edge technology, you can enjoy a movie night or watch any sports event.

You can also look for more affordable options like Paris Rhone 4K ultra short throw laser projector, which is available for $1,999 only. The best part is that these modern projectors go a long way, allowing you to get an immersive sports viewing experience for several coming years.

How to Purchase the Right Ultra Short Throw Projector for Your Home Entertainment Room?

There are a few things you must keep in mind before buying a  smart projector. These include:

  • Look for 4K ultra short throw projectors that offer you high resolution- deliver vivid colors and clear images.
  • Opt for a projector with at least an 80” - 150” display.
  • Consider properties like Dolby Audio and DTS decoding for an excellent audio experience.
  • Go for at least 25,000 hours of lamp life to get the best experience.
  • Look for a projector you can keep as close as you want, preferably keeping at least 5.8” away from the wall.
  • Consider choosing a projector with different features like motion smoothing technology, smart eye protection, versatile connectivity, and easy installation to help you get the most out of your investment.

If you cannot visit the Super Bowl 2023 event, you must ensure you don’t miss out on anything. You can enjoy every second of the game with a high quality, super functional, and affordable ultra short throw laser projector like Paris Rhone 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector.

This video projector will allow you to see the match on a big screen without going through the fuss and complex installation process. So, don’t wait and purchase Paris Rhone 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector today!

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