Empowering Mothers: ParisRhone's #SupermomBond Challenge Campaign Strengthens Parenting Bonds

Empowering Mothers: ParisRhone's #SupermomBond Challenge Campaign Strengthens Parenting Bonds

ParisRhone’s Mother’s Day #SupermomBond Challenge aimed to make people from all walks of life pay attention to and understand the unique challenges that mothers face following pregnancy, such as breastfeeding, hormonal, and body image changes.

The Head of Product Research and Development at ParisRhone said that the development and design of baby monitors are inspired by mothers’ lives: “Our baby monitor is designed to be an emotional and interactive bonding tool between mother and baby.”


Product Experience & Event Ambassador’s Voice:


Duygu: If you’re looking for the perfect gift option for Mother’s Day, the Paris Rhône Video Baby Monitor is a great option. We use it daily at our home so I can always be close to my baby.


We were impressed by its features that ensure my baby’s safety and comfort like the 2K UHD WiFi camera, night vision, motion and cry detection, AI tracking, three-way audio transmission, RGB night light, and lullabies.


Marissa: I love the 5 inch display and the clarity that the HD camera provides. I use the smart app on my phone to check on my baby, even when I’ve had to briefly go outside of my house.


Kaelin: This Mother’s Day, I’m grateful for moments of peace and the precious smiles of my little one, all made clearer with the ParisRhône Baby Monitor. 🌟 From bedtime giggles captured in stunning 2K to peaceful nights watched over by infrared, this monitor has alleviated so many of my worries, letting me focus on the joys of motherhood.


This challenge brought together mothers from different cultures and backgrounds to participate in online activities. Internet celebrities actively used their influence to call on and drive mothers from around the world to participate. “We encourage all people to understand the joys and difficulties of being a mother.”


About the #SupermomBond Challenge:

The #SupermomBond Challenge was created as a platform to showcase the profound connection shared between mothers and their babies. Whether you’re an influencer or a mother with a story to tell, we put out the call to hear your personal stories, insights, and experiences of motherhood.

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As a company with a focus on quality of life and with many mothers in senior and junior positions, we developed a high-performance 2K HD video baby monitor. It has reminder functions for feeding, remote voice calling, 2K high-definition display and a temperature and humidity sensor to better help mothers with multi-threaded work.


Through our #SupermomBond Challenge, we’ve provided a spotlight on the psychological effects that mothers experience postpartum, such as anxiety, depression and self-esteem changes. We believe that our activity has successfully allowed mothers to open up, connect with others and relieve their stress in a healthy and supportive environment.


ParisRhone’s Appeal:

We not only hope to hold activities on Mother's Day that call on our partners, parents, friends, and neighbors to care about the experiences of mothers, but also for each of us to better understand and actively participate in childcare.


ParisRhone’s Head of Public Relations remarked that “we will always pay attention to the lives of mothers, and will continue to organize more humanistic care activities to contribute to bettering society.”


About Paris Rhône 2K HD Video Baby Monitor


• 2K HD Picture‑Perfect Quality, Max. 256G SD Card Storage

• Infrared Night Version, Eyes on Baby During the Night

• Advanced Motion & Sound Tracking for Baby Safety

• Split‑Screen Viewing for Multi‑Tasking Moms

• Three‑Person Remote Voice Call

• Power‑Saving Screen, Continuous Use for 5‑7 Days

• Temperature and Humidity Sensor to Ensure Baby’s Comfort

• Feeding Reminder, Never Miss a Feeding Again

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