International Pet Day

Can Technology Make Your Pet’s Life Better on International Pet Day?

Can Technology Make Your Pet’s Life Better on International Pet Day?

For pet owners, it can feel like every day is a celebration of life with their pet companion. But if you want to take some extra time and celebrate your beloved animal friend, there’s International Pet Day. For many owners, this is an opportunity for bonding with pets, spending extra time in their company or buying them a special gift.

Different pets have different needs. This isn’t just about whether they’re a cat, a dog, or a bird, but about their own individual personalities. It's important to choose the right gift for your pet, something that they’ll enjoy and that will make their life better.

Fortunately, a combination of pet care and advanced technology can provide the perfect gift.

Treating Your Dog While You’re Away

The PARIS RHÔNE PA001 dog camera and treat dispenser is an ideal gift for dog owners who can’t spend their days at home.

The dog camera provides two-way communication between you and your pet even when you’re away. The device sends a signal to an app in your phone, letting you see what your dog is up to. Its 360° panoramic view follows your furry friend around the room, keeping an eye on their antics, while motion sensors and alerts will grab your attention if there’s something you need to know about. And in case you’re out at after dark, its 2K night vision will make sure that you don’t miss cute moments in the night.

But this isn’t just about keeping an eye on your dog – it’s about interacting with them. Two-way audio communication lets you hear what your dog is yapping at you and lets them hear your voice in return. You can offer commands and praise, providing them with comfort, reassurance, and consistency. A remote dispensing system means that you can even give out dog treats at a distance.

Making Life Better for You and Your Pet

This remote interaction is a great way to enhance your pet’s quality of life by meeting their daily needs.

One of the saddest things about being a pet owner is that they can’t accompany you everywhere you go. While some workplaces now let dogs come in with their owners, this is still relatively rare, and depends on the opinions of your colleagues as well as your dog’s personality. Dogs are such sociable animals that they thrive on human contact and can become distressed if left on their own for too long. While many adjust, not all do. Buy why should any dog have to get used to their owner’s absence when there’s a way they can have you with them all through the day?

The Paris Rhône device’s remote monitor and treat dispenser help relieve pet anxiety, and the anxiety that many owners feel in return. The device keeps an eye on your pet, with the video feed and app alerts letting you watch out for signs of separation anxiety. You can then sooth these concerns by talking long distance to your dog, reassuring them with your voice, telling them how good they’ve been or discouraging them from scratch and whining.

The two-way audio feed and treat dispenser turn this into a strongly interactive experience, where you and your pet can communicate throughout the day. Even without being at home, the two of you can develop a deeper bond.

How to Make the Most of Your Dog Monitor

This might all just sound like a novelty, but the monitor provides real practical value.

Firstly, there’s the monitoring and companionship it gives for pets left alone at home. This can make pets happier through hearing their owners through the day, and make owners happier because they can see their pets.

Then there are the opportunities for pet training that the system provides. By handing out a combination of verbal feedback and treats, you can reinforce the right sort of behavior in your pet without even being in the room. This helps in training good habits and correcting unwanted behaviors. It’s particularly useful in ensuring consistency, with consequences whether you’re there or not, which makes training more effective.

The whole system is particularly useful if you travel a lot or are often away on business trips. Even with someone coming in to look after your dog, they can feel neglected or anxious about what’s happened to you. The Paris Rhône dog camera lets you sooth those anxieties, keep an eye on behavior, and check your pet’s wellbeing wherever you are in the world.

The Right Gift for International Pet Day?

Choosing a gift for your pet on International Pet Day is a great way of celebrating them, of reinforcing the bond between you, and of giving them a happier life. If you choose the right gift, it can have practical advantages too.

If you’re looking for that sort of practical, meaningful gift then the Paris Rhône PA001 dog camera treat dispenser is a great choice. With its 360° view and 2K night vision, it lets you keep an eye on your dog at all times, whether it’s to check and manage their behavior or just for the pleasure of watching them sleep.

Our pets rely on us to shape the conditions they live in. They can’t dispense their own praise and treats, provide themselves with comfy beds, or pick out gadgets that will improve their quality of life. It falls on responsible pet owners to do that for them. So if you want to make life better for your furry companion, think about using technology to enhance their life next time International Pet Day rolls around.

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