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A True 4K UHD Projector - Get $200 Off for Launch Day

A True 4K UHD Projector - Get $200 Off for Launch Day

Are you looking for an affordable true 4K UHD projector that’s WiFi-6 & HDMI 2.1 compatible? Look no further because we have just the product for you. Not only is our Ultra 4K projector the highest quality unit on the market but it will also be on sale on launch day!

You’ll be impressed by the specifications this projector has so keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the product and the sale. We provide the key features this 4K UHD Projector has and how you can get up to $200 off your purchase!

Introducing the New Best Budget Paris Rhône SP005 4K UHD Projector

There are quite a few projectors on the market but nothing quite beats the affordable luxury you’ll experience with the SP005 4K UHD projector from Paris Rhône. With this projector, you can host all sorts of events that rely on images, videos or presentations to keep viewers engaged.

You’ll be surprised by what this projector has to offer that other well-known brands are lacking. Whether you’re using your smartphone, laptop or PC, you can connect to the Ultra 4K projector with ease. The sleek compact design also makes it effortless to travel with.

The Main Features of the Paris Rhône SP005 4K Projector

Your main question about the Paris Rhône SP005 4K Projector may be what makes it worth your money even if there is a sale. In this section, we’ve provided a detailed description of each key feature so you can see what you could be experiencing.

Massive Screen Size

The purpose of having a projector is to enhance the size of your screen which is perfect if you’re presenting to a large audience. You can play shows for children or play music videos to keep guests entertained.

With that being said, the Paris Rhône SP005 4K Projector has a huge 200” Screen so you can provide an immersive experience for your audience. The big screen along with the 4K resolution is the solution you need for improved viewing.

LED Lamp Life

If you’re hosting long events, then you’ll need your lamp light on your projector to last. The Paris Rhône SP005 4K projector offers over 40000 hours of lamp life. The bright 600 ANSI lumens makes it possible for you to see and view videos even in bright conditions.

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Another great feature of the Paris Rhône Ultra 4K Projector is that it has intelligent obstacle avoidance. The feature works by using a sensing algorithm to detect obstructions in the projection area. Your display will then avoid obstacles on the wall and find a suitable projection surface.

With the intelligent obstacle avoidance feature, you will not have any bumps or wires running through the projected surface, so you always have a flat and clear screen.

Powerful Dual Speakers

The Paris Rhône SP005 4K projector offers powerful 2x 12W dual speakers with 3D sound or soundscape. You’ll then experience audio that sounds like it’s coming from above, beside or below you.

A projector with 3D sound is ideal if you’re doing presentations on environmental issues or if you’re playing action or adventure games.

Powerful Dual Speakers

True 4K UHD Projection

Do you want to be fully immersed into nature documentaries? Alternatively, perhaps you want to experience intense color contrasts with the video games you are playing. True 4K UHD projectors provide life-like images that are sharper and richer in color.

You can then sit closer to your projector screen so you can fully immerse yourself into what you’re viewing. The Paris Rhône SP005 4K projector also has high dynamic range (HDR) to give you the perfect contrasts between lighter and darker hues. This way, you’ll still experience a crisp image even when watching movies with dark or night time scenes.

True 4K UHD Projection

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Compatible

One of the advantages of the Paris Rhône SP005 Ultra 4K projector is that it provides more than one way to connect other devices to it. If you want to connect your smartphone or laptop to your projector you can do so through Bluetooth.

What’s more, the projector is Wi-Fi compatible so you can stream music videos, movies or your favorite TV series onto your wall or projector sheet.

Various Ways to Connect Your Devices

If you want more ways to connect to your Paris Rhône SP005 projector there are various ports that allow you to connect to a laptop, TV, and even the internet. Here is a list of the ports the Ultra 4K projector has:

-  Ethernet LAN
-  USB-C
-  USB-A
-  5mm audio
-  HDMI 2.1

              You’ll be happy to know that there are two HDMI ports and two USB ports so you can plug more than one device into the projector and switch between them easily.

              Sign Up for the $200 off Coupon for Launch Day or Pre-Order Now to Save an Extra $20

              Now that you know more about the Paris Rhône SP005 Ultra 4K Projector you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to buy it during our sale. You can get $200 off for launch day with the final price of $499. We recommend that you pre-order to save an extra $20 off the projector and to ensure you don’t miss out on our massive deal.

              Our sale is only available for a short time only so hurry before stocks fly off the shelves. The SP005 Ultra 4K Projector sale is available from November 23rd 9:00 AM (EST).

              Final Thoughts

              You can get a massive discount on the Paris Rhone SP005 Ultra 4K Projector but don’t forget to pre-order so you can get an extra $20 off. On launch day you get up to $200 off so you can save money on a luxury projector that has top-notch specifications compared to other well-known units.

              Be sure to refer back to this post when you’re ready to pre-order your projector or save November 23 into your schedule to remind you of the discount sale we’ll be hosting soon!

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