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Our Most Cost Effective 4K Projector SP005 is Now Officially on Sale

Our Most Cost Effective 4K Projector SP005 is Now Officially on Sale

Are you looking for the most cost-effective 4K projector in history? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our popular Paris Rhône 4K projector SP005 is now officially available for sale but you got to hurry because they may sell faster than you think.


Paris Rhône 4K Projector SP005 Now Officially Available for Sale

At Paris Rhône, we enjoy giving our customers the best experience when buying our products. We regularly have exciting sales where you can save hundreds of dollars on high-end items. Currently we are having a massive sale on our  Paris Rhône SP005 Ultra 4K Projector.


You can enjoy a $200 discount off the introductory price for the first 7 days only. This stunning projector will be on sale on the 23rd of November. On top of this exciting sale, you can also enjoy the highest priority shipping.


Why You Need a 4K Projector.

4K projectors offer a sharper image compared to High Definition (HD) units. The unit can project a crystal-clear image on a wall or sheet so that viewers don’t have to strain their eyes to see what’s being presented. You can use a 4K projector for the following:

  • Host a movie night with friends.
  • Play music videos at events.
  • Display images for lectures.
  • Project videos or images for your presentation.
  • Having a bigger display when you play games.


The advantage of projectors is that they’re compact so you can travel with them anywhere. Simply make sure they’re placed in a protective case to prevent wear and tear.


What Makes This High-End 4K Projector Unique?

There are some unique key features that the Paris Rhône Ultra 4K Projector SP005 has that sets it apart from other units. In this section we discuss the key selling points and compare it to other high-end 4K projectors to highlight its value for money.


Longer Lamp Life

In order for the projector to cast an image onto a wall or sheet, it must have a strong lamp that lasts long. The lamp life on the Ultra 4K unit has over 40000 hours. What’s more, it has 600 ANSI lumens for a brighter projection.


Powerful Speakers

If you’re having a movie night or conducting an important presentation, you’ll need a projector with high quality sound. The Paris Rhône 4k Projector has powerful 12w dual speakers with a 3D soundscape. You can enjoy crisp sound that will elevate your presentations or create an immersive movie experience.  


Stunning High-Quality Images

The purpose of a 4K projector is to provide viewers with high quality imagery whether they’re watching music videos or playing video games. Unlike other projectors that claim to produce high quality imagery, the Ultra 4K unit offers a true 4K UHD projection. You’ll experience brighter colors and clearer details no matter what you’re using your projector for.  


Wide Cinema-Like Screen

Bring the cinema into your own living room with the 4K Ultra Projector’s massive 200-inch screen. Watch your favorite action or fantasy films that have stunning cinematography so you can encounter their true visual effects using this 4K projector.


Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Compatible

The Ultra 4K Projector isn’t just designed for movies and presentations. You can also stream YouTube videos because it has Wi-Fi compatibility. Furthermore, the projector has Bluetooth so you can connect your smartphone or laptop to the projector to display images, videos and movies.


Auto Keystone Correction

Sometimes you may encounter a distorted image when switching on your projector. The image may not be straight. To fix the problem the Paris Rhône’s 4K Projector has an Auto Keystone Correction button that you can press. It will then automatically detect and correct your distorted image.


Versatile Connectivity

You want a projector that allows you to connect any device to it without hassle. The Paris Rhône Ultra 4K Projector SP005 allows you to connect all sorts of devices such as PCs, laptops and even a LAN cable. It has the following ports:

  • USB-C
  • USB-A
  • Ethernet LAN
  • HDMI 1
  • HDMI 2
  • 5mm Audio


    Use the Ethernet LAN port if you have a presentation that’s saved on your Google Drive or any cloud-based platform. You can then showcase your presentation without having to download it onto a device first.


    High Dynamic Range

    Another reason why the Paris Rhône 4K Projector SP005 is a popular product is that it has High Dynamic Range (HDR). This feature has the capability of showing images with greater contrast and brightness. It allows images to show more clearly, especially when it comes to dark and light tones.


    Place Your Order in 7 Days

    If you want to experience all the features of the SP005 Ultra 4K Projector from Paris Rhone, then place your order within the next 7 days. You’ll then get a massive $200 discount which saves you a hefty amount of money on a high-quality projector.


    Place your order right away to make your life a little easier, especially if you conduct presentations or lectures regularly. With the screen size and image quality your viewers will have a more immersive experience no matter what you’re playing through the projector.



    Are you ready for a sale of a lifetime? At Paris Rhône we love making you happy, so we regularly have sales on our most high-end products. You then have the chance to buy quality appliances and entertainment products all while saving money.


    This month we want you to save on our high-end 4K Projector SP005 but for you to get your $200 off, you must place your order for the projector within the next 7 days. Read our key selling points on the Ultra 4K Projector so you can have more of an understanding of what you’ll get when you buy this unit.

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