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Give Something of Value on International Women’s Day

Give Something of Value on International Women’s Day

Celebrated on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day is an increasingly prominent feature in the global calendar, and rightly so. It’s a day to celebrate the lives and achievements of women around the world.

As a supplier of reliable, high quality home appliances, Paris Rhône is proud to offer a special selection of discounts for this occasion, a chance to give the woman in your life a present that has lasting value. With up to 38% off these products until the 15th of March, now is a great time to give something that matters.

Look After the Family

Once they have kids, many women struggle to find time for themselves, especially when those children are young. Babies need someone to be around when they’re hungry, distressed, or in need of a change, and that can leave a young mother feeling tied to the crib.

The Paris Rhône 2k video monitor can help a mother find the time and freedom she needs while still caring for the baby. It has sophisticated sensors that include crying detection, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and high-quality cameras, to alert her if anything’s needed, and the split screen means she’s got the situation covered from multiple angles.

Regular feeding reminders mean that mom doesn’t even have to keep track of her own schedule but can relax and let the monitor keep on top of things. And with batteries that can last for five to seven days, there’s no worrying about whether it’s still doing the job.

Escape the Everyday

If the woman you’re shopping for is into movies and TV, then maybe it’s time to raise your game. Instead of buying a DVD of a show or movie that she loves, why not create a viewing experience that’ll let her love everything she watches even more?

The Paris Rhône True 4K Ultra HD Projector is one of the best viewing systems on the market. With a picture quality that beats anything else in its price bracket, it can turn a whole side of your living room into a cinema screen. It’s easy to use and has a quality sound system, so that you won’t need another device to complete the viewing experience.  

Spend the day laughing along to her favorite sitcom, escaping on a grand adventure, or just taking in spectacular views from the comfort of the couch.

Pamper Your Pooch

For some people, the most fun they can have is playing with their pets, and who can blame them? But in the modern world, the demands of work, commuting, and other obligations can drag a woman away from her beloved companion.

That’s why the Paris Rhône dog camera treat dispenser can be a great gift for the woman who just wants to spend more time with her dog. The camera will connect to an app on her phone, so she can see what her pet’s up to while she’s out of the house. And it’s not just a one-way link. This device lets her talk to her pet and feed them treats even while she’s not there. It’s a great way to increase the happiness of dog and human alike. Why go anywhere without your pooch, when you can carry a connection to them in your pocket?

Make Cooking Easy

In the modern world, the man of the house is as likely to be cooking dinner as his spouse. But the flip side of that is that women are as interested as men in new household gadgets and ways of cooking.

Air fryers are still the hot new kitchen choice of the year. A great way to get crunchy, tasty results without all that artery-clogging fat, an air fryer gives you more meal options and lets you jump on board the latest culinary trend.

So if the woman you’re buying for likes to cook, now’s the time to get a discount on a Paris Rhône Quart Air Fryer. Or if you’re the one who gets busy in the kitchen, buy it for yourself and cook her up a tasty women’s day meal.

A Sweet Treat

If you’re thinking of food but want something a little more luxurious, then there’s the Paris Rhône milk frother and hot chocolate maker. This multi-functional kitchen device can make hot milk, frothed milk, and hot chocolate, for a wide range of tasty drinks. Maybe the woman you’re shopping for likes the sort of cappuccino you get in a coffee shop or enjoys pampering herself with a sweet cup of cocoa. Then don’t just treat her on one day but buy a device that will let her treat herself every day, with the best in hot drinks on tap.

This device doesn’t just make great drinks, it makes them easy to make. The precision Stix temperature control lets you heat the liquid to the perfect temperature, so you won’t scald the coffee or your mouth. And it’s easy to clean, so there’s no mess or fuss.

The Right Atmosphere

So far, we’ve talked about gifts that you’d use for part of the day, but how about something that will improve her quality of life the whole time she’s in the house?

A Paris Rhône warm and cool mist humidifier can transform the atmosphere in someone’s home. This ultrasonic humidifier heats water to make a clean mist even in large rooms, to control the humidity. The user can set the level to anywhere from 30% to 90%, for her comfort and the good of her health. Essential oils can add a soothing fragrance, which together with the low noise level and optional night light will help anyone relax.

Great Gifts for Great Women

With great choices at a great discount, Paris Rhône can help you find the perfect gift for someone in your life on International Women’s Day.

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