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Discount Pre-Orders on a Top of the Range Baby Monitor

Discount Pre-Orders on a Top of the Range Baby Monitor

The safety of your baby is one of the most important things in the world, but trying to keep an eye on them 24/7 can be exhausting. You need time to do the chores, get some rest, and leave the baby alone to sleep. To keep a secure eye on the beautiful new addition to your life, you’ll need a baby monitor. And given how important it is for that monitor to work, it’s important to use the very best.

Introducing the New Paris Rhône Baby Monitor

The Paris Rhône 2K HD Video Baby Monitor with Smart App is the latest in baby monitor technology, for parents who want the best for their baby.

Its 2K HD camera and associated audio feed let you both watch and listen to what your baby’s doing while they’re out of sight. A 1000ft transmission range means that you can roam wherever you need to around the house, doing chores, resting, or even working in the garden while keeping your baby’s room in sight.

You don’t want that precious connection to cut out at the wrong moment, so the Paris Rhône Baby Monitor is equipped with a power-saving screen. It can last as long as you like thanks to power-saving for 5-7 days, leaving you secure in your connection. The Paris Rhône baby monitor’s competitors can only last between six and twenty-six hours, meaning that you can go up to twenty times as long without charging.

Of course, you want to be in control of that connection, so an app control lets you take charge of the baby monitor. Data from the connection to your baby is stored locally on an SD card (max 256G not included), giving you more security than with cloud-based solutions.

Main Features of the Paris Rhône Baby Monitor

The Paris Rhône baby monitor comes with two camera connections both feeding video to a single screen. Crystal-clear visuals mean that you can clearly see what your baby’s doing, whether it’s to check on their safety and comfort or just to enjoy the sight of them sleeping sweetly.

Rather than having to choose between cameras to watch from, split-screen viewing lets you watch your baby from different angles at the same time. They won’t crawl out of view while you’re watching them, and you’ll have a more informed perspective on what they’re up to. The cameras have a 355° panning lens for full coverage, while the 115° tilting, better than three out of four competitors, covers awkward angles to keep every moment in view.

Advanced motion and sound detectors provide the monitor with motion and crying detection, sending alerts to you when something’s going on. This way, you can relax and deal with chores in the quiet moments, safe in the knowledge that the Pris Rhône baby monitor will let you know if you’re need.

As well as giving you peace of mind, the baby monitor can help your baby to relax. Customizable night lights and 14 soothing lullabies will lull them to sleep or soothe them when they’re agitated. And if they need a more personal touch, then one-click two-way communication will let you quickly reassure the baby that you’re still around, even if they can’t see you. A three-way audio connection means that all of the pressure doesn’t fall on one parent, but that you can both chime in from wherever you are to make familiar voices heard.

As well as notifying you when your baby’s on the move, the system provides feeding reminders. Unlike many competitor brands, it will help keep you on a regular feeding schedule and avoid the disturbance that a tiny empty belly can bring.

In an ideal world, you want to prevent a baby’s upsets rather than responding to them, and the system’s temperature & humidity sensors can help you with that. While plenty of baby monitors come with temperature sensors, very few cover humidity, meaning that you’ll get more data than with any other system. By keeping an eye on conditions in your baby’s room, you can watch out for when a problem is coming and take charge, altering the warmth, light, or humidity to make ideal conditions for rest. The steady feed of data means that you can work out what works best for baby, noticing nuances that you might miss on your own. Most babies need a cool, dark space to sleep well, and the Paris Rhône Paris Rhône baby monitor will help make sure that’s what they have.

Your Chance for a Bargain Baby Monitor

The Paris Rhône baby monitor doesn’t go on sale until February, but lucky shoppers have the chance to get ahead. During the pre-sale period from 22 January to 19 February, you can pre-order this top of the range baby monitor for a super early bird price.

Orders placed during the pre-order period get a choice of discounted prices:

- Single camera: Regular price $159.99, pre-sale price $99.99, including a free baby monitor stand, discount code EARLYBIRD60.

- Dual camera: Regular price $249.99, pre-sale price $169.99, discount code EARLYBIRD80.

The choice between single or dual camera means that you can pick an option to suit your budget, your home, and most importantly your baby, while the pre-order prices mean that you can buy the reassurance and help you need without breaking the bank.

To make the most of this offer, use the code for your choice of baby monitor at checkout.

A baby monitor is more than just a piece of technology. It’s a connection between you and your baby that will give you peace of mind and help them to sleep more safely. You’ll want the best you can get, so don’t miss out on this chance to buy a high-tech audio-visual connection, with great range and battery life, for a bargain price.


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