Paris Rhône 2.64QT Electric Kitchen Composter EB004, No odor and Auto Stop

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• Quick Clean-Up: Thanks to its non-stick coating, it reduces the burden of cleaning tasks. Easily clean by hand or in the dishwasher, making the entire cleaning process hassle-free and convenient.
• Compact & Efficient Design: Gunmetal gray simple and stylish appearance, suitable for most home decoration style, decorate your kitchen.
• Odor Neutralized: With an effective built-in carbon filter, the Paris Rhône electric kitchen composter is the one-stop solution to odors, keeping fruit flies and funky smells out of your home.
• Reduce your Carbon Footprint by 80%: The smart waste kitchen composter helps you live better while protecting the environment by providing full-cycle composting, completely eliminating methane emissions and reducing your carbon footprint by 80%.
• Create a Waste-Free Future: More than just a kitchen device, this food waste composter is a compact, eco-friendly solution that nurtures your garden so oxygen-releasing plants can grow in nutrient-rich soil. Use the composter to make a positive impact by reducing your carbon-emissions.

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Free Shipping for Orders Over $50

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30 Month Hassle-free Warranty

30-day Return & Refund Service

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Efficient Composting

Faster and more green than traditional composters, with 3 modes, our environmental composter turns food waste into organic fertilizer in just 4.5 hours.

Replaceable Carbon Filter

The replaceable carbon box filters out odors for 3-6 months, so you can live a greener, sustainable life all year round.


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Has anyone bought this product? Does it compost as well as described?

I initially shared the same concerns as you regarding the high cost of this product. However, I ultimately made the decision to invest in it and have been pleasantly surprised with its performance. I made a video for your reference.

Do I need to buy additional activated charcoal? How often do you change them?

Hello, customer, there is a carbon cartridge included in the kitchen composter. Generally, for the general family, 3-6 months to change a new, you can buy bulk activated carbon to refill their own replacement, and you can also replace the entire carbon cartridge, soon we will launch the carbon cartridge and other related accessories for sale, if necessary, you can contact us.

Is it easy to operate? I'm thinking of giving it as a gift to my grandmother, who loves gardening and might enjoy making her own fertilizer.

This composter is very easy to operate. After putting in the food scraps, press and hold the "on/off" button for two seconds to start, and then press the "Mode" button to select the mode to begin using it. If your grandmother loves gardening and wants to make her own fertilizer, then this device might be a great gift option because it can easily convert organic waste into fertilizer and is very convenient to use.

Does it work?

Yes, this kitchen composter is definitely effective. Previously, it took 10 weeks to compost in the backyard compost bin, but now it only takes a few hours to complete. And it is dry, which I really like. I have accumulated a lot and am waiting for spring to fertilize my garden.

Is it ok to use peanut shells in this?

Yes. But because there is no moisture, it has no effect.

Does it consume a lot of electricity? If it does, is it still environmentally friendly?

Since I started using PARIS RHÔNE electric composter, my electricity bill hasn't increased by much and I can use the resulting fertilizer to grow plants. I believe it has benefits for environmental protection.

Will it smell? Will it attract pests?

I didn't find it attractive to pests. The seal is very good and equipped with an activated charcoal case, there is not much smell after the compost is successfully opened there is no smell.

What kind of compost starter I should use?

I chose standard

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